Created in Amsterdam (2005), A Hora do Brasil aimed at the establishment of a Brazilian artistic and cultural foundation that goes beyond the most known stereotypes of Brazil and the traditional cliché's about the country.  Between 2005 and 2013, it has produced 28 events in different venues like Café De Ysbreker, the Bimhuis, ARCAM, De Balie,  Rialto, taking part of the bruising intercultural dialogue in Amsterdam. It has formed a base of interest in Brazil for the years to come, just before the boom of media attention of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

In this second generation, the general mission is to support a healthy intercultural dialogue between countries through the universal power of art, valuing diversity to build bridges of understanding and joyful relationships.

We believe that the locus of value creation in the new economy lays on the quality of human relations, the respect for the differences and the integration of backgrounds. In this sense, Brazil has a long and rich story of diversity to share, which has begun in the 1500’s when Native Brazilians, Portuguese and African races met and mixed, in the colonial times. This process was followed by waves of mass immigration through centuries and has led to different identities and cultures amalgamation, forming the basis of one of the most multicultural countries in the world. 

This blend of  cultures resulted not only in a deep layered complex society, but also in unique forms of cultural and artistic expressions that touch, entertain and make people smile. With the new generation of A Hora do Brasil, we want to bring the essence of Brazil to the world, telling stories of its arts, music and creative industry through the universal power of artistic expression built on the foundations of the union of differences.

In times of questioning how a healthy cross cultural dialogue can take place in the increasingly globalized societies, we are privileged to have Amsterdam as a canvas, where 180 nationalities co-exist, to share, exchange  and have fun. We believe this dialogue is more relevant than ever given the rising trend of intolerance and inflamed discourses against what is different. We invite you to co-create this new chapter of the A Hora do Brasil foundation, based on understanding, diversity, vanguard spirit, exchange, honest relationships with Brazilian Art, Culture and Storytelling at its center.

The time is now
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